D.I.Y Glow-in-the-dark Yarn Experiment

By Tina Marie Doucet and Dany Doucet

Glow Mediums

  • Mod Podge Glow – Clear
  • Tulip soft – Natural
  • Scribbles – Natural
  • Deco Art Glow Medium

Yarn Tested (order in photo)

  • 1 Bernat Super Value – White
  • 2 Red Heart Super Saver – White
  • 3 Style Craft – White
  • 4 Caron Simply Soft Party – White


  • 1 tsp glow medium
  • 4 yards yarn: 1 yard of each brand yarn and dampened.
  • Allow to dry fully for 24 hrs or as needed with larger amounts.

Our thoughts of Glow Mediums

Deco Art (2floz, $7.43cad)

  • A paint and fabric medium the bottle states that it’s washable.
  • We found right away the Deco Art to glow with minimal light charging.
  • Although once dry the deco art changed the color of the yarn, slightly to a yellow.
  • 20 min charge with cfl lamp: glowed but was not overly strong. Stayed charged.
  • 1 min charge with UV light: glowed brighter. Brightness faded after 15 mins, though lasted the longest.

Scribbles (1floz, $3.91cad)

  • We thought this to be the least activated of the 4 with very little natural light glow.
  • No color change of yarns.
  • 20 min charge with cfl lamp: really did not charge. No glow.
  • 1 min charge with UV light: charged nicely. Didn’t last more than 5 mins.

Tulip Soft (2floz, $7.49cad)

  • Very little natural light glow.
  • Did not change color of yarns minimal natural light glow.
  • States to use uv light to activate
  • 20 min charge with cfl lamp: minimal charging glow.
  • 1 min charge with UV light: glows bright. Brightness lasted about 5 mins before fading.

Mod Podge (8floz, $14.55cad)

Even though mod podge is a glue, we thought it would be an added benefit to test as well.

  • Did change the color of the yarn to a pale yellow.
  • Would not recommend for projects that are to be washed, due to it being waterbased.
  • 20 min charge with cfl lamp: had a min glow barely showed in camera.
  • 1 min charge with UV light: glowed nicely for about 10 min before fading.


All yarns seem to be stiff but would be manageable to work with, but would soften as being worked.

Final thoughts

As a final thought, we found Deco Art to be a favorite glow medium.

As part of the ITR team, we shall revisit at a later date with more yarns and results of washing.